Paris Opening: Mausolee with Lek x Sowat by Butterfly

While we were fiishing the last details of the Mausoleum ephemeral show, Butterfly paid us a surprise visit from London to cover our opening…

Mausolee - The show

On August 12, 2010,  French graffiti artists Lek and Sowat found an abandoned supermarket of 430,000sq. ft  in the north of Paris. For a year, in the greatest of secrets they invited forty French graffiti artists to collaborate and create an illegal graffiti Mausoleum.

As the monument  is not accessible for safety reasons, Lek and Sowat  recreated a few murals and installations in an abandoned apartment to share their experience with the public .

Mausolee - The show     Mausolee - The show

Mausolee - The show

During the two years, they discovered traces of life from squatters that left in a rush.  For the exhibition, the artists brought back  toys, letters and objects as a tribute to the families living in the Mausolee.

Mausolee - The show Mausolee - The show      Mausolee - The show        Mausolee - The show Mausolee - The show     Mausolee - The show

An installation made of found signage on site, staff instructions and reports reminds of the golden days of the supermarket as key role to the community.

Mausolee - The show Mausolee - The show     Mausolee - The show

The opening was also the occasion to celebrate the release of the book (available here) and a video retracing all the visual process of this adventure.

Mausolee - The show  Mausolee - The showMausolee - The show Mausolee - The show Mausolee - The show     Mausolee - The show

The stop motion video made of 8000 pictures is now visible online

More info on the project and participating artists at