Lek & Sowat’s Mausoleum

Source: Monorex

Back in 2010 artist Lek found an abandoned supermarket due for demolition just out of Paris, partnering up with artist Sowat the pair decided to make something out of the space…

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The place was tag free and the perfect blank canvas for their “Mausolée” dream. A sponsor-free artist residence operating under the eye of the law in which a selection of artists and photographers were invited to spray, paint and create on what could be considered an artist’s playground.

Although the project has been going on since 2010 news of it was only released in April 2012, to coincide with the release of a book and a film documenting the processes that went into making this mundane complex completely extraordinary.

One of Lek and Sowat’s main desires with the project was that it appeal to those who are not normally interested in Street art and by working with such a huge number of artists (40 painters for 40,000 m²) the sheer variety of styles and pieces means that there is truly something to appeal to everyone.

Who knows what will happen to the Mausoleum in the future now it is opened up to the public. The site could be still due for demolition or it could be preserved as a tribute to the beauty of street art, but whatever the outcome may be for now just enjoy the pictures and video of this amazing project.

If you can read French then check out the accompanying book: Mausolée, Résidence artistique sauvage by Lek & Sowat, Editions Alternatives. Price: 39 euros.

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