Top 12: Lek Pieces

source: 12oz Prophet + Graffuturism

Lek 2011

We were blown away by the Mausolee Project which transformed an abandoned supermarket in Paris into a venerable graffiti museum. Organized by Lek and Sowat, the project found a home on the website Graffuturism, which prides itself on championing graffiti writers who push the boundaries by challenging traditional notions of the artform. Lek does just that. In a recent profile Graffuturism did on Lek they wrote “His ability to push the medium of spray paint and not become attached to its tradition to the point where it hinders the progression is his best trait in my opinion. We expect a lot from Lek in the future.” Clearly they were correct.

Click through the pages below to see our Top 12 Lek Pieces and to understand Lek’s point of view in his own words…

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