A love letter to Graffiti by Sowat & Lek

Source: Street Art Central

“For nearly a year, we secretly went painting there, creating abstract
art amongst the remains and fragments of lives the squatters were
forced to leave behind. Independently, without any type of funding or
sponsorship. We then asked 40 French Graffiti Artists, from the first
to the last generation of our movement, to discreetly join us in
creating ‘in situ’ murals and installations, some sort of weird and
poetic illegal ‘Mausoleum’ dedicated to Graffiti.”



Insider View: Butterfly

source: Butterfly Art News

A few months ago, in between two trips around the globe, Butterfly from London made a quick stop in the Mausoleum. Here’s what she had to say and show about her visit…

Imagine an abandoned four storey supermarket in the North of Paris occupied by squatters, then deserted again. On August 12, 2010, French graffiti artists Lek (RAW crew) and Sowat (DMV) discovered the place much to their delight…

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